About Us

Sawaneh Imports

Sawaneh Imports is one of the largest African wholesale food importers and distributors in the United States.  We are located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our distribution center handles Grocery/Convenient stores, Restaurants, and walk-in purchasing bulk items.  We also receive and deliver truck loads and container loads to and from points throughout North America.
We carry thousands of dry and frozen food products from Africa, most of which we import directly from African manufacturers.  Most of the products we carry are well-known in the countries they were manufactured and are sought after regularly by Africans, who live in the United States.

-The Founder- 

After coming to the United States from The Gambia in 1989, Mohammadou Sawaneh, owner and founder of Sawaneh Imports, LLC, worked hard to bring desired products to his community.
His love for his community and aspiration for entrepreneurship pushed him to pursue his dream. He noticed that people from African Cultures have difficulty finding products that are suitable for their business needs and customers.
Mohammad, along with his wife Mia, envisioned an ultimate International Warehouse that caters to Grocery/Convenient stores and restaurants in the United States. They not only want to have a business, but they want to help supply some of the finest products to the African Community.

Sawaneh Imports is a company dedicated to serving the food industry with international top products, specializing in West African foods. Importing products directly from Africa is just an avenue that is being taking to become the #1 wholesale/distributor in the United States.

Sawaneh Imports goals are to provide you with the finest products in the industry and giving excellent and professional service to their consumer.
Thanks for visiting Sawaneh Imports, LLC.  We look forward to you sharing your ideas and thoughts about or products and services.